New features

These are features developed by PALS for our sites.
Mobile responsiveness
We are excited to announce that you can now explore your digital material on the go! Watch this video here to see it in action. Mobile.jpg
We have implemented mobile responsiveness for two of our partners, Minnesota State University-Mankato and The College of St. Scholastica.   This is all thanks to our systems developer Simon Mai, who built a Drupal mobile theme.  It will work on any of your mobile devices.  This theme is now available for all of our partners and we will be working on implementing it for all.
Click here to explore MSU-Mankato’s digital repository Arch on your device.
Click here to explore The College of St. Scholastica’s repository on your device.
Map browse

PALS staff member Simon Mai recently completed work that allows us to provide you with a full map browse for our Islandora sites. To see the map browse in action, click on this video here .


Simon used a combination of Gmap, Islandora Solr Views, and some of his own code to provide the map feature we have for Minnesota State University-Mankato.  He also contributed code to the Map Browse module being developed by the Islandora International Community.  If you want to view Simon’s code contribution, click here or here.

A more detailed article on how we got the map browse working for Minnesota State University-Mankato will be forthcoming.